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Action Plan - Day3


Day 3 - Fast Start and Goal Setting

1) Go through and familiarize yourself with your Fast Start Book - If your Director didn't give you a Fast Start book, you can click here to Make your own Fast Start book. A Fast Start book is a quick, visual reference of all the thing you need to keep at your fingertips to help you on a daily basis in your business. It is a book that should be well used and worn pretty fast. That's why we keep the pages in plastic protectors and keep the whole thing in a 3-ring binder - so that once it gets really worn, you can give it a face lift by simply replacing the binder! :-)

2) Print off and read all of the F.O.D. documents - You can add these to your Fast Start book if they are not already in there. You want to be familar with all the information in the F.O.D. (Fax On Demand) and where to find what you need there. You can print them all off from any official COA website on the "Support System" page. If you do not have a COA site, you can go to www.coastalincome.com/sample and get the FOD documents from there.

3) Set your Goals - What are your goals? Coastal is a powerful vehicle that can get you to wherever you want to go in life. You now have the key to the ignition! How fast you want to go depends entirely on you. Please understand that you have a strong support team that is behind you 100% of the way and looking forward to seeing you realize all the goals you set for yourself. Part 1, of our training is focusing on YOUR GOALS. Believe it or not, this may be one of the most important things you will do starting this business. Remember if you want us to assist you in getting something different out of life, we're going to have to know that YOUR goals and aspirations are! Then we will GET TO WORK with you. Fair? It is important for you to recognize what you want out of this business and then communicate that to your Director so that they can help you to achieve your goals. Accomplishing things in life are as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  1. You have to Know what you want
  2. You have to Decide that you are getting it
  3. You have to Create a Plan
  4. You must be willing to Begin today

Goals are important because they keep you focused. They allow you to spend energy on the right things, rather than focusing on things that appear as obstacles or challenges along the way.


  1. They should be specific
  2. They should be written down
  3. They should be time stamped
  4. They should be affirmed aloud every day
  5. Long Term Goals are important. You should begin with the end in mind.
  6. Short-term goals are just as important. A great time to start your short-term goals is at the beginning of every month.

The SECRET to succeeding in any business is the ability to start FRESH!

* You get some rejection, start FRESH

* You have a slow month, Start FRESH

* You have some people drop out, start FRESH

* You have a need to make some money right away, start FRESH

Let's take a look at some good areas to set some goals, then we'll look at how to write them down into an affirmation which we can record, or use some free software to send us reminders everyday.

Standard Topics for goals can be separated into:


We want to be balanced. It is great to make a lot of money, but we should be just as serious about setting goals to be healthy, happy, in loving and supportive relationships, spiritually and emotionally satisfied, and how we can positively make a difference in the lives of others.

Let's look at some reasons that motivated some of us to get into a home-based business in the 1st place! If you do not know what your reason is, then perhaps some of these examples will help you define that for yourself.
* * Get rid of a job we hate

* * Pay off credit cards

* * Take a much needed vacation

* * Buy a new car

* * Save up for a college education (yours or your children's)

* * Do some home improvements

* * Create some extra money to help a family member or friend in need

* * Travel on Business

* * Create a track record of success

* * Be a good example of abundance for your kids

* * Leave Your Legacy

Last Thought:



Write down your goals TODAY!


"If you're going To Dream, you might as well Dream BIG"!

Keep in mind when writing down your 20 reasons, this is not what you "WISH" you could have, this is what you "WANT"!

We will be working on "HOW" later.

Copy and Paste this sections into a new email and email it along with your answers to your Director.

My number ONE reason for me doing this business is






















We will refer to them as your immediate (30-90 days) and long-term (1year) goals.

Please complete the following 6 questions:

  1. I will complete my 2 training sales and qualify as a Director by (date): ___________
  2. I will make _____________ sales in my first 30 days.
  3. I will make _____________ sales in my first 90 days.
  4. I will earn $ ____________ in my first 90 days.
  5. I will commit to _________ hours per week to my personal and business development.
  6. I will earn $ ____________ in my first year in the Coastal business.

Well you're done! Congratulations!

The next thing you need to do is email your reasons and your goals back to your Director (copy and paste it into a new email and email it along with your answers).

It is important that your Director knows your 'WHY' to help you 'tailor' your 90 DAY ACTION PLAN, it will be your Road Map to Success!

Send your 90-day Action Plan to your Director! - This is your Road-Map to Success and a simple guideline to help you get accustomed to the fundamentals and simple success behaviors of all top income earners in Coastal. The cumulative efforts of these simple fundamentals practiced over time, will help you encompass what it takes to gain LONG-TERM SUCCESS in this business.

In our industry we PLAN - DO - AND REVIEW in 90 day cycles. That's why you need to commit to this process at least 90 days in order to be able to track your results properly and gain the momentum it takes to build long-term success.

Click HERE for a Printable version of the 90 Day Action Plan

'Focus on the activity, and the results will follow'

'Everybody does the things that top people do occasionally.

Top people do these things all of the time.'

-Brian Tracy (T.T.O.Q)

  • Ask yourself: How Quickly DO YOU want your Directors Release? DATE: __________
  • Commit to a 90 Day Game Plan (be activity oriented and not result oriented)
  • Develop and commit to your AOMA (All Out Massive Action) mentality
  • Employ a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in your business everyday!
  • Keep a 'Student Mentality' by committing to training yourself on an ongoing basis.
  • Clearly identify your immediate and long term goals. (Know your WHY!)
  • Invest a minimum of 10 hrs per week into your business (honest hours) I will commit to __________ hrs. per week.
  • Adopt a consistent method of advertising that suits your budget (imperative that it is consistent during your first 90 days). My advertisement budget is $ _____________ per week / bi-weekly / monthly
  • Add at least 10-20 NEW PROSPECTS to your Pipeline each and every week
    . (Repeat this activity over and over again for long-term success.)
  • Follow Up with your Pipeline within 24-48 hours after your first conversation. (Use your Director for 3-way calls. Refer to the Follow Up script located in Scripts page)
    (Repeat this activity over and over again)
  • Invite 10-20 new prospects to the Live Q&A Calls each week. (Repeat this activity over and over again)
  • Check in with your Director (via phone or email) Weekly until you have your 2 training sales completed. Summarize and email your daily activities to your Director, your first 14days.

    My Director's phone number: ___________________________

    My Director's email address: ___________________________

  • Schedule at least FIVE 3-way (after the live Q&A) calls PER WEEK with your Director until you have completed your 2 training sales.
  • Learn the etiquette of conducting a proper 3-way call.
  • Plug in to all Coastal Live Q&A Training Calls (view Call Schedule for all the details)
  • Listen in to each Monday - Thursday Specific Training Call (everyday for your first 2 weeks)

Use this plan and teach your new business partners how to qualify as Directors within their first 30 days. By doing so, you will experience that earning a SIX FIGURE INCOME WITH COASTAL, YOUR FIRST YEAR can be easily achieved!

* Send a signed copy to your Director, who will coach you and keep you accountable. Allow yourself to be coached and you will reach any level of success you desire.

Signed: __________________________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____

Signed: __________________________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____