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Setting up your 800# for Dual Use

So.. now you have your COA Telecenter, but you think you want to use your new 800# for both retail and opportunity calls, and you're wondering how to do that? Well, here's what to do....

1) Re-record your Initial Greeting to be more generic. The standard initial greeting that comes pre-programmed in your telecenter is a professionally recorded intro to all the extensions available in the telecenter. But you don't want your retail clients to even know those extensions are there, right? So by re-recording the greeting to sound more generic, they will never know everything else is there. Here is an example of a generic script you can use -
Hi - This is ________ with Coastal. Thanks for calling. If you are sending a fax, please press the start button at this time. If were given an extension, please enter it on your keypad now. Otherwise, please leave me a message with your name, phone number twice, and why you are calling and I will get right back with you.

2) Create a new extension number for the Telecenter intro. This is necessary because without re-recording this, they will not know what the extension numbers are. You can pick any extension number you want. For example, you could make it #123. That's easy to remember, and would work great on an ad or flyer. Here is what you can say for the intro -

Extension 123 - Hi - This is _____ again.. and this is my AudioInfoCenter - this call is step one.. in the information gathering process to learn more about the opportunity available to you with Coastal Vacations. get out pen and paper to take notes as you take this self-guided tour of Coastal Vacations through this automated information line.

This Audio Info Center is designed to give you the highlights of the Coastal Vacations Opportunity. It is part of an completely Automated Marketing System available to EVERY Coastal Associate to help build their business! Imagine having a personal Audio Info Center, just like this one, working for you 24 hours every single day.

Within this Audio Info Center you will find several extensions with enough information to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether or not you wish to take the next step with Coastal Vacations.

I encourage you to do your due diligence in researching this amazing, one of a kind, opportunity and to take time to go through the following brief informational presentation. Start by listening to an introduction to Coastal Vacations by pressing 201.

If you decide at any time during this presentation that you definitely want to take a more detailed look at Coastal Vacations you will want to press 101 to let me know you've completed step one and are ready for step two! I will personally call you back within 24 hours to guide you through the next step. Press 201 right now to get started. Enjoy the call!
3) Remember to give your opportunity prospects the new extension number! Everyone will hear the generic greeting, and if you don't tell your prospects to listen to that particular extension, they won't know how to access the information. So when you run ads or talk to your prospects, give them the number plus the extension. :-)