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On Day 1 of the 14-Day Action Plan, you saw the first three steps to getting your business presence set-up:

1) Get your COA Telecenter service set up. Go to www.ProMarketingSystem.net/Coastal and sign up right online. If you are signing up for the official Coastal websites, you can do that at the same time. (They will ask for the email address of the person who referred you to COA. You will want to check with your Director to double-check which email address they want you to use.)

2) Record your COA Telecenter extensions You will want to pay special attention to extension 701 (your personal story) and possibly record the initial greeting in your own voice, for a more personal effect. The full directions on setting up your COA Telecenter is HERE. If you want to use your COA Telecenter for both retail and opportunity, here's an example of how you can do that,along with the scripts - Setting COA up for Dual Use.

3) Customize your website. You will want to add your picture. Even better than that is if you choose to add your story and a personal note for your visitors to read about why you chose Coastal above everything else out there. People really want to know who they are talking to, and the personal touch really pays off. It's not necessary to look stuffy/professional here... remember.. we're marketing vacations and FUN! If you are customizing a COA site, you can see a tutorial here -

Log into the COA Members Area. Go down to the "Personal Sites" section and select the website you want to edit.....

Now you will be looking at the "Customize Site" page. The first thing you will want to do is make sure al your personal information is appearly correctly on your site. So click on the first link on the right-hand side which says "Change Personal Information".

Look over your information carefully. Make sure your name is capitalized and spelled properly. Double-check all your phone numbers and make sure they are corrrect. This is the information which wil display on your site, so it needs to be right. You can also add a title like "Level III Associate" after your Last name if you'd like it to appear on your page. (It will only accept letters, though... so you can't use 1,2,3 etc. Just use capitalized "I" as a Roman Numeral.)

You can also change your site name if you want to at any time right here on this page.

Go back to the "Customize Site" page. To add or edit your photo, simply click on the fifth link down - "Add/Change Photo". (The instructions for adding text and payment buttons on the main page are further down.... we'll start with the "Add/Change Photo" feature first.)

Now you will see the Add/Change Photo page. The photo needs to be a .gif or a .jpg, and needs to be about 140x140 pixels, at least 72 dpi, and no larger than 200kb. Just click the "Browse" button to find the photo on your computer. Then, once you've found it, click "Submit" to upload it.

Tip: since this is such a small photo, a head shot is really all you need. You may want to take a family photo you have and simply crop your head out of it and use that.

All done! Now you have a nice photo on your site! :-)

Now let's work on customizing the main page to add additional text and payment buttons. Go back to the "Customize Site" screen. This time, select the second link - "Change Welcome Message".

Now you will see the "Customize Welcome Message" screen. Click on the little gray button above the text box that says "Customize".

Now you can add all the text, html, links, and payment buttons you want. Just remember to hit the "Save" button when you're done.

A few things you might want to consider adding to your front page:

  • Your personal story - what your previous experiences have been, why you were looking for a home business, what made you choose Coastal, what you have accomplished so far or what you plan to accomplish in your new business. This helps people to connect with you on a personal level.
  • The methods of payment you have chosen to accept. You can add a payment table to your site complete with buy now buttons, bank deposit instructions, money order instructions, etc. You can see a sample of a payment table HERE. You can also get the code for this pre-designed table on that page.
Now you can go back to your Members Area at COA and do the same type of customization for each of your 4 websites.

Congratulations! You are done! Now you are ready for the next item on your list for today.