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There are so many different ways to market your business. There are so many choices that you could spend the next 6 months getting ready to get started instead of just starting now. Don't fall into the trap of becoming a "jack of all trades, but master of none".

Think about the plate-spinner at the circus. Do you remember the guy who could spin 5 plates on sticks balanced all over his body? One on the bridge of his nose, one on his chin, one in each hand, one in his toes... you remember the guy. Think back to how he first walked out on stage...with no plates at all. Did he immediately start spinning all five plates? No. He very carefully started each single plate - gently placing it atop the stick and slowly moving it to where it would stay and balance. You couldn't help but hold your breath as you watched. Once that one plate was spinning perfectly, then he would ever-so-carefully begin the next one, and then the next, until he had all the plates silently spinning in perfection. Then the wild applause would begin!

That is exactly how you have to treat your business. Each marketing method you do is like a plate. You can really only focus on one thing at a time until you master that particular marketing method. Then, and only then, can you add another "plate".

In Coastal we are very fortunate to have advertising partners who advertise for you and take all the guess work out of marketing. Having them doing the marketing for you frees up your time and effort so you can spend it on really connecting with your prospects. Understanding marketing and learning to be good at it takes time. With these partnerships, you can jump into business immediately and get all the prospects you want just by purchasing whatever amount of leads you want. No marketing experience necessary!

Until you have perfected calling purchased leads, you really shouldn't even be peeking at other marketing methods. It will become a distraction to your focus and keep you from truly mastering prospecting. It takes time and money to get good generating your own leads, and it can really hamper your business momentum.

If you have not yet achieved success with calling purchased leads, please do yourself (and your business) a huge favor and click HERE to go back to the Business Training page now, and contact your Director to help you get your focus back on track.

For those of you who feel you have perfected purchased leads, and are ready to start spinning a new "plate", please click below -

Alternative Marketing Methods

These alternative methods are for those who have already mastered their first "plate", and are ready to add to their marketing efforts. You will notice that these links are not yet clickable... that's because we will be covering each of these methods on the Alternative Marketing Methods call on Thursdays. As we cover each topic, it will become a clickable link with complete info and audio training. So check back often! :-)

Trade Shows & Seminars

Internet Marketing

Creative Marketing Methods (no money marketing)

Warm Market Magic