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Action Plan - Day 8

You should have your travel package by now. Listen to the first part of the pre-recorded Product Training call on the Business & Product Training page again to walk you through a quick tour of your package and explain how to fill out your application. Send in your Membership Application to activate your travel package, activate a couple of vacations too. Call your director and discuss your marketing game plan.

Activating Your Coastal Vacations Membership & Request Your Discount Cards
(If you have not purchased your travel package yet, you need to do so now! Contact your Director.)

When you receive your Level 1 Travel Package (that's the one in the brown portfolio), the first thing you'll need to do is to send in your membership application to get your discount cards and directories.

The membership application is located on the left-hand side of your Level 1 Travel Package, right behind the welcome letter. It's a 2-part, 2-color form and it says, "Coastal Vacations Member Application" on the top of it.

You will want to take note that your Coastal Vacations I.D. Number is on that form in the top right-hand corner. You will want to write that number down and have it in a handy place.

Just fill out the application with your personal information. You can have up to two names on the application. They must both be adults, and they have to be individuals - you can NOT put down a business or a DBA. You can certainly sell these packages to businesses, but they need to choose two representatives of their company to actually be on the membership application.

It will also ask you:

Question Answer
Your Director: Your Director's Name (the person whom you bought your package from)
Your Upline Director: The person who brought your Director in or sold them their package. Basically, the person above them.
Purchase Price: That's an easy one :-)
Place of Purchase: Just leave this blank
Salesperson: Just leave this blank

For U.S. members, you need to send a $25.00 money order or cashier's check with your application, and for non-U.S. members, you need to send $30.00, preferably in the form of American Express Traveler's Checks. This fee goes to N.B. Management and it covers the cost of imprinting the cards plus the shipping for the cards and directories.

(NOTICE TO INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS - All bank drafts from non-U.S. banks will be held for 30 days at the shipping center to make sure they clear before your order can be sent out. Try to acquire America Express Travelers Checks if you want your payment to be processed faster. If you do not have access to Travelers' Checks, talk with your Director. They may be able to help you out.)

If you want to order a double set of cards and directories, you need to add $45.00. This option works out well for people who have split the cost of the travel package and both parties will be using the package.

You need to sign the back of the white application and mail it to the shipping center. Keep the back yellow copy for your records. Allow 7-10 business days for your activated membership cards and directory to be processed, after which they will be sent to you by expedited courier.

Levels 2 & 3 are upgrades and supplements to the Level 1 package. They do not need to be activated or renewed themselves. When you activate or renew your Level 1 package, the other packages are renewed as well.


Level 1 Travel Package = Brown Portfolio
Level 2 Travel Package = Black Portfolio
Level 3 Travel Package = Blue Portfolio