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Action Plan - Day 7


Take a deep breath. You should be proud of yourself. Look at all you've accomplished! You've had six intensive days of work. It's tough setting up and preparing a new business. Everyone needs a break. Even God rested on the seventh day. This is your day to reflect, catch up if you fell behind, and plan the week ahead.

The first week was preparation and setting up your business. You have finished all of that, and tomorrow you will start the second phase of your business, which is the "Action" phase. Tomorrow you will start a week of marketing, talking to leads, and filling your pipeline. But tomorrow's not here yet. So enjoy today. Re-center yourself. Relax a little.

Here are the only things you have to do today:
  • Look back and assess what you've accomplished so far in your first week.
  • Plan your second week ahead of time, and which conference calls you will attend.
  • Look over and think about the marketing methods you have chosen to start with.