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Action Plan - Day 6

Day 6 - Playing "PingPong" and Handling Objections

  1. Go through Part 2 on the Business Training page completely. Learn more about answering objections, read the FAQ, Understand the concept of "playing Ping Pong",

  2. Listen to the "Ping Pong" calls -
    Ping Pong Calls and Q&A -
    Call #1: (15 min)

    (Or click HERE to download the MP3 - 2.6 Mb)

    Call #2: Blackout dates and timeshares (19 min)

    (Or click HERE to download the MP3 - 3.4 Mb)

  3. Print and Study the "Objections 101" - As you work your business, it won't be unusual for prospects to give you objections as you are talking with them. This isn't anything to fear. In time, you will know how to handle every objection naturally. In the meantime, Click Here to print and study the "Objections 101" to help you know how to handle these objections. You may want to file this in a 3-ring binder or keep it handy by your desk.