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Action Plan - Day 1


Day 1 - Get Set up!

1) Get your COA Telecenter service set up. Go to www.coanetwork.com/coastal and sign up right online. If you are signing up for the official Coastal websites, you can do that at the same time. (They will ask for the email address of the person who referred you to COA. You will want to check with your Director to double-check which email address they want you to use.)

2) Record your COA Telecenter extensions You will want to pay special attention to extension 701 (your personal story) and possibly record the initial greeting in your own voice, for a more personal effect. The full directions on setting up your COA Telecenter is HERE. If you want to use your COA Telecenter for both retail and opportunity, here's an example of how you can do that - Setting COA up for Dual Use.

3) Customize your website. You will want to add your picture. Even better than that is if you choose to add your story and a personal note for your visitors to read about why you chose Coastal above everything else out there. People really want to know who they are talking to, and the personal touch really pays off. It's not necessary to look stuffy/professional here... remember.. we're marketing vacations and FUN! If you are customizing a COA site, you can see a tutorial here - COA Site Tutorial.

4) Go register for your own domain name. Having a short, easy name is much more professional, and it is easier for your clients to remember. Once you own a domain name, you can then forward that new name to your COA website address. You can even mask it so if they choose to bookmark your page they can come right back to the front of your site.

5) Set up your telephone service.

Get 3-Way Calling On Your Telephone

This is a very important tool that you will be using in your business. You will be using this feature very often for 3-ways to the Live Q & A calls and for 3-ways to your Director. If you do not already have 3-way calling as a feature on your telephone, it can be ordered through your local telephone provider, very inexpensively.

Get Caller I.D.,Call-Waiting, & Voicemail On Your Telephone (Optional)

These are some other phone features that you may also want to look into getting for your business. The Caller I.D. will allow you to see who is calling you, the Call-Waiting will allow you to switch from one call to another, and the Voicemail will prevent a busy tone on your phone while talking to someone else.

Get Flat-Rate/Unlimited Long Distance Calling

With this business, you definitely do not want to have a long distance plan where you have to pay any kind of cents per minute. Make sure you set-up a flat-rate/unlimited long distance plan. Most of these plans allow you to call in the U.S. and Canada, anytime of day and talk as long as you want, for one flat rate per month. Here are some plans for you to choose from. You may also want to call your current local or long distance carrier to ask what they offer. Flat-rate/unlimited long distance usually runs from $25.00-$50.00 per month.
Flat-Rate Plans In North America:

6) Exchange contact information with your Director Now is the time to email your Director all your contact information, as well as your new telecenter number and websites. You will also want to get all their contact info and their work hours so you know how to best get ahold of them. If they use a messenger service like Yahoo, AOL, or MSN, be sure to find out that info too. Messenger is a great way to ask questions, even when your Director is busy on the phone!

7) Fax or email your signed order form back to your Director. If your Director did not email you an order form, just print off this blank one off, fill it out, sign it, and send it to back to them.

8) Get Your Business Questions Answered - New Coastal Vacations business owners often ask if they need a business license, a business name, and a business account. You may want to contact your local branch of government to ask those questions. If you plan to set-up a merchant account, they highly recommend that you have a business account to receive your monies into. .

9) Decide how you will accept payments (Optional) Do you plan to accept credit cards in your business? If so, you will need to get a Merchant Account This step is one you can do right away or wait on. That is up to you. Keep in mind that if you came in at one of the two higher levels, you could be making sales that you get to keep, even while you are in training and have not yet completed your training sales. It's up to you how many options you want to have available to accept payments.