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14 Day Action Plan

This Action Plan is designed to keep you focused and on-task so you can kick your business into high gear from day one. Your Director may also have their own personalized version of this 14 day plan. Each day is broken up into several manageable steps, so that you are accomplishing a lot, but hopefully not getting overwhelmed. For those of you with limited time, you may need to adjust the time table a little. It may take you more than 14 days to get it all done. For those of you who want fast results and are willing to put whatever time it takes to reach success, you can double-up and complete the whole thing in half the time. It's all up to you. Afterall, this is your new business.

Week 1 = Preparation, Week 2 = Action
(click on the day # for more details and links)

Basic Summary of each of the 14 days:
  • Day #1 - Get Set up! Record your COA Telecenter extensions, (check out the additional scripts for 800#s) customize your website (add a picture & your story), set up your telephone service (3-way calling, long distance), decide if you will take credit cards, exchange contact information with you Director (contact info, instant messenger service), Send your signed purchase order form back to your Director.

  • Day #2 - Organize! Define your work space (with a closeable door), buy materials/planner/software to organize contacts, set your hours and work schedule, make a place for keeping your business tax receipts.

  • Day #3 - Fast Start Book - Making your own Fast Start book (if you didn't get one), print off and read all of the FOD documents. Set your Goals, Fill out and sign your 90 day plan and send it to your Director. Listen to the "90 Day Action Plan" training audio.

  • Day #4 - Go through the Marketing page completely. Get a good overview of leads, marketing, creative marketing methods, Listen to the recorded training calls on the Marketing Training page.

  • Day #5 - Go through Scripts & Presentations, Learn more about the personality types, Listen to the recorded training calls on the Scripts page.

  • Day #6 - Learn more about answering objections, read the FAQ, Understand the concept of "playing Ping Pong", Listen to recorded training calls the Ping Pong page.

  • Day #7 - Relax. Look back and assess what you've accomplished so far in your first week. Plan your second week ahead of time, which conference calls you will attend, look over the marketing methods you have chosen to start with, etc.

  • Day# 8 - You should have your travel package by now. Listen to the first part of the pre-recorded Product Training call on the Business & Product Training page again to walk you through a quick tour of your package and explain how to fill out your application. You can also read the "Activating your Coastal Package". Send in your Membership Application to activate your travel package, activate a couple of vacations too. Call your director and discuss your marketing game plan.

  • Day #9 - Start marketing! Order leads, schedule time with your director for 3-way calls to help you get started on your leads. Read The proper etiquette of a 3-way call.

  • Day #10 - Set a goal of 10 new people in your pipeline every day! Make a visual reminder, focus on "income-producing activities". Fax, email, or call your director with your results (or your Daily Success Worksheet) from today.

  • Day #11 - Put 10 more people in your pipeline! Report results to your director.

  • Day #12 - Put 10 more people in your pipeline! Report results to your director.

  • Day #13 - Put 10 more people in your pipeline! Report results to your director.

  • Day #14 - Put 10 more people in your pipeline! Report results to your director.

You have completed your first 14 days in business. You have a professional office, you have leads coming in, you are trying and tweaking presentation styles, and you have 50 people in your pipeline! You're off to a Great Start!